How many careers, relationships and future job opportunities have been destroyed by office politics? Numbers are in question but the sad news is, this is present in every company whether small, medium or large enterprises, government or privately owned. We do not want to be a victim of politicking, so below are some tips on how to handle the situation that is inevitable such as this:

1.      Choose appropriately.

In everything, we must remember that we have a choice- the right words to say, right actions to push through, right message we want to deliver, right impressions we want to leave with the people around us and right timing, are decisions we usually have to make. So before we decide on anything, choose appropriately and always think the consequences.

2.      Avoid self-fulfilling prophesy.

This is a theory saying any positive or negative expectation about circumstances, events or people that may affect a person’s behaviour toward them in a manner that causes those expectations to be fulfilled. An employer who, for example expects the employees to be disloyal will likely to treat them in a way that will elicit the very response he or she expects (Source:

If a superior thinks that a person is incompetent and told him about it, possibility is, he will think that the statement is true because his boss said so. Sad to say, this negative vibe is mostly present in office politics. We usually “gossip” about the weaknesses of other person we are not in good terms with. This practice must be stopped. Judging other people in a very limited scale is often scary and detrimental. We do not want to climb up the ladder of success having people stepped down, do we? Or do we want to be judged also by some other persons? To stop politicking is to stop finding faults of others and comparing ourselves to them. Most important, stopping the negative expectations in people within the four corners of the room.

3.      Be sincere in relationship-building efforts.

Not just because we want to establish our own “circle of friends” does not mean we have to compromise sincerity in relationship-building efforts. Yes, we may choose our chums and comrades but that is not an excuse to us meeting and befriending other individuals. Creating our own allied in the office does not mean we have to grumble people dissimilar with us. They say, office politics is a number’s game: the more connections, the better. Stop this mind set. Remember, we are in the office to do our job, so perform. Make friends instead of foes. Show sincerity in dealing with people.

4.      Stay positive.

Accept that flak is a normal part of life since we cannot please everybody. Never waste your time worrying over issues such as what other people are thinking or saying or doing against you. Relax. Let go all of the opposing views and don’t mind them if you think you are not in a defensive side. Breathe. Live your life as if no one really cares but be mindful that you stay on the right track.

5.      Take a stand.

Others advise to stay neutral when left to decide which side they have to choose. This is unhealthy; prefer taking stand, instead since we cannot serve two masters at one time. Life is two sided: it is white or black, left or right, good or evil. But choosing our side does not mean we have to always tell it in public. We can keep it a secret especially if we feel it is safer or it will resolve a conflict. Important is, we took a stand. To act is another issue.

6.      In case of conflict, remember the “good-nature” of people.

People may say or do bad things to us; that is something out of our control. The saying from Gandhi that says, “hate the sin, love the sinner”, seems difficult to do. In situations when we have to fight back, cursing and hitting below the belt are sometimes the best strategies to use. But again, avoid these things as possible. In case of conflict, we must remember the “good-nature” of people despite their flaws. If it appears that relationships will be seriously and permanently marred; re-evaluate and re-think. We don’t want to lose people about something that are usually irrelevant.

7.      Don’t forget your ethics.

Respect is the key word. We can be assertive but courteous and professional. When heat rise up, don’t add up coal and increase the flame. We may distance ourselves by going out of the room or not talking to the person at the moment we are very angry. Again, this is hard to do but practice helps. Remember, we spent years in mastering our courses so never allow a few show of disrespect to ruin everything we invested our time and effort in the past.

8.      Forgive and move on.

Humans err so we must forgive. But forgiving does not mean we have to forget. We should not forget because we need to learn from the experience. Only in this way we will prevent the mistake from re-occurring. Move on and let go of the hurts. Let the dead bury its own dead. Stop worrying over the things we can’t control. Life must continue, anyway.


Workplace politics is a fact of life but playing the game does not have to be dirty. Promote our talents, grow our personalities, and reach our goals but never at the expense of others. Remember the golden rule: Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.


We learned from Mahatma Gandhi the lesson that violence is not the pre requisite to win in every battle, aside from this, below are other words of wisdom and source of inspiration to all aspiring leaders.

1. Humility is the character of the great

“It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.”

 “I claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.”

Humility is best expressed in actions: to accept that you err and to learn from it; to get advice from mentors who know the job better; to realise your weaknesses and to derive from it strengths, instead; and to know your limitations but to maximise opportunities, as well.

To be humble is not only a wise thing to do but also a great act that will never go out of fashion. Observe successful people and you will realise that as they go up the ladder of success, the more they stay their feet on the ground.

2. Action is stronger than words

 “Action expresses priorities.”

 “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

 “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

Many times we heard that actions speak louder than words; and Gandhi proved it right.

A man cannot adduce anything unless he shows results, and this output can be done through actions only: people with integrity do not engage in nefarious activities; a virtuoso cannot dish out unfinished tasks.

To say that you believe in something but does the opposites of each teaching would mean disbelief. Action proves better than the words you utter.  

 3. Constant change is achieved through constant learning

 “Constant development is the law of life; and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.”

 “A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.”

 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

 “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

 “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world- that is the myth of the atomic age-as in being able to remake ourselves.”

 “Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress.”

They say, the only constant thing in this world is change. As professionals who aspire success in the future, we should pursue for this. But it should be positive change and not the other way around. To grow and to learn is part of progress. Every one must change from time to time- that means to be creative, innovative and pursue excellence always. Constantly learning in everything that we experience is a courageous step to improve.

4. Change starts from within

 “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

 “My life is my message.”

 “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

A person who wishes to see change in his surrounding must start within himself. Discipline.  Right attitude. Good habits. These are essentials in constantly developing into a person who may also serve as catalyst of change for humanity. Change to become the best you can be and start to see a change in this world.

 5. Leadership without people is not leadership

 “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.”

I learn that leadership is not only for community organisers, team sports enthusiasts, politicians and businessmen but also in anything that we do that involves getting along with people. You can be a leader in doing a specific project in a given time (e.g. handle men and women during bible study, etc.) or have a specific goal just like with other people around (e.g. stop demolition and uphold human rights).

Leadership involves individuals who are willing to follow instructions from a leader. Without these people, who like the leader, aim for a specific vision, there can be no leadership at all.

So to be called a leader, the first thing to do is to find a group of living souls who will recognise you as one. The last thing is to stay the same person they look up to.

6. Saying “No” is as important as saying “Yes”

 A “No” uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a “Yes” merely uttered to please, or worse to avoid trouble.”

A good leader knows when to say “No”. Although, the work of a leader involves pleasing people most of the time, saying “No” for a valid reason, in a proper timing and with conviction is better than saying “Yes” half-heartedly.

 7. Persistence is as essential as other positive qualities

 “You can chain me, you can torture me, you can destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.”

 Achieving a goal requires persistence. We cannot reach a specific target at one hit so it is better to try again and again until we are satisfied with the result. Persistence is a good quality one possesses because it involves hard work, patience and learning from mistakes; these are all essentials in building success.

8. Believe in the good nature of people

 “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean, if a few drops of the ocean are dirty not everything in it is dirty.”

As a leader, we may encounter diverse group of individuals with a lot of differences. But it is OK. My professor once told us that diversity is healthy for check and balance. The challenge comes in the way handling them.

Sometimes, we may be frustrated when other people are quite difficult to manage. Again, it is OK. If we believe that humanity is formed by good natured people and generally, difficult people are also human beings, we will be inspired to handle them with ease. As a leader, learning each time on how to get along with various people despite differences is a good practice in becoming more effective.

9. Leadership does not mean seriousness and busy-ness compromising laughter and fun working with people around

 “If I had no sense of humour, I would long ago have committed suicide.”

Serious-at-work does not mean suppressing laughter and fun. Sometimes, when we get too serious, people fail to get our message as well as our objective. If we keep on sticking to rules all the time compromising better relationship with people will exhaust positive energy at work. Mostly, people wants to be inspired based on enthusiasm than fear; to be coached than to be drove; to look up to someone who helps to fix the breakdown than to fix the blame for the breakdown; and to have a leader that says “Let’s go!” instead of “Go!”.

A good leader makes his people love to reach their goals by having laughter and fun at work from time to time. Of course, that does not mean forgetting the excellence standards and business ethics the company already have. It only adds up some sugar to spice in the office settings.

 10. Unity makes history

 “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the cause of history.”

If a leader and his followers pursue the same goal, with the same enthusiasm, same positive attitude, same strategy and same expectations, absolutely, they will make history.

 A leader to unify his team mates must coach them, must not depend on authority but on goodwill, instead; and must show how things are done than just to know how things work. It is equally important that a team works as one and allow them to grow as separate individuals in pursuing a common goal.

1. Set goals.

Professionals are often faced with hitting targets and meeting deadlines. Accompli-shing these tasks will be difficult if the person lack the skill of time management. To be able to achieve loads of work in a very limited span of time, any professional must have a “task list” and use “calendar method” to monitor his use of time. We can write in a piece of paper our To Do’s list (or use application from phone, laptop or ipad). We may also use an alarm to remind us that by any specific time we should have accomplished specific task. 

2. Set priorities.

Yes, we have 24 hours a day but for sure, this is insufficient to accomplish everything we need to do. By setting our priorities according to importance and urgency, we will be able to know which task we will focus to.

The Eisenhower Method follows certain hierarchy that is the following:

 2.1. Important and urgent

2.2. Important but not so urgent

2.3. Not important and urgent

2.4. Not important but not so urgent

Also, following the Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Family and finances; work and chores; pastimes and socialising; and social obligations) will also guide us to set our priorities in life.

3. Organise.

There is wisdom in the saying, “Orderliness is next to godliness. Order is prerequisite of beauty, justice and success. Being organised makes things easier. Try to work in a cluttered desk and we will find it difficult to make our job done well.

4. Learn to say, “No”.

According to Tony Blair, “The art of leadership is saying, No. Not saying Yes. Since it is easier to say Yes most at the time.”

Choose commitment wisely. Avoid to over commit. Learning to say, “No” on things that are not important and not urgent will not only save our time but also allow us to do other valuable things, thus, produces more positive results.

5. Allocate task.

One of the qualities of good leaders is to be able to inspire people to work for them. We cannot be jack of all trades. We have specific talents, gifts, skills and experiences. To be able to produce quality output, distribute task to people who are more capable of giving out better results. Not only we are unloading ourselves of work but also we are teaching people to be dependable and contribute for the betterment of the project, thus, uplifting their moral to excel in other future tasks.

6. Avoid procrastination.

The biggest killer of time is procrastination. If we have something to do, do it now and not later. If we allow time to pass doing nothing we will end up doing everything.

7. Focus. Avoid interruptions, if possible.

Your colleague wants to show you her newly bought gadget but you have to finish writing your paper. Tell this person you have a deadline today. Only after finishing the task should you see the gadget and spend more time with her. Interruptions every now and then will eat your ample time so it is really necessary to prioritise and focus on things that matters most.

8. Give time to thyself: reward after every accomplished task.

It is refreshing to unwind and relax after successfully completed every task. It will not only recharge energy for the next project but also will give time for one selves. Remember, we don’t just manage time for our work, family and other people. Learning to understand self will teach us to mature. To reward self means to provide satisfaction by indulgence in rest, food, social life, etc. So next time, we may shop for a new dress, delight in a yoghurt drink or leave for vacation after a week of long and stressful days of work.

“Do your best to improve your faith. You can do this by adding goodness, understanding, self-control, patience, devotion to God, concern for others and love. If you keep growing in this way, it will show that what you know about our Lord Jesus Christ has made your lives useful and meaningful. But if you don’t grow, you are like someone who is nearsighted or blind, and you have forgotten that your past sins are forgiven.”-2 Peter 1: 5-9

Yesterday was busy day for me. In the morning, I attended bible study, praise and worship, and cell meeting. After that, I immediately went to a meeting with a human right’s group to volunteer as part of their secretariat. I came home late last night and during my prayer I ask Him “How can I be able to handle all the responsibilities assigned to me, then?” I am aspiring to become cell leader this year, and assigned to assist in launching the newsletter of this HR group, aside from other tasks and volunteer activities I am currently into.

My devotion for today was perfect. He gave answer to my prayer immediately. I believe He wants to teach me that I should have FAITH  more in Him so that I may be able to accomplish these tasks.

God was really good, He did not tell me only that I should have faith but also He showed me the ways how can I improve it. These are the following:

1. By adding goodness, concern for others and love

Having the responsibility to work for a human rights organization will open the doors of opportunity me serving the needy, therefore, adding goodness to my daily life routine. When I assist in lending paralegal assistance to those who were victims of human rights violation, I am not only providing comfort to them but also I am learning during the entire process of their experience.

2.  By adding understanding

Aside from that the experience is the best teacher, immersing myself to reality will expand my understanding of the situation I and people around me, situated in. By learning what the problems are will be able to open my eyes to see and do something for possible solutions that I can offer even in my simplest way.

3. By adding self control

Because I have to do more multi tasking in a very limited time and resources, I am being taught today that I should have more self-control. Self control in a way of finance and time management and my relationship with other people. I should control how I spend my money so I can use it in more quality things; on how I manage my time so I can do more the important and urgent matters; and finally, to control my emotion in dealing with different people and situations.

4. By adding patience

When sometimes we don’t get easily the result we want to have but we should have it because there were other important  assignments we should spend more time to, will really cause us to be impatient. Lack of time management and procrastination sometimes are also hindrances to achieve positive results. But thanks to today’s Gospel message that I should add more patience into my life now that I have more accountabilities. Doing a lot of multi tasking is mostly exhausting but truly, patience is a virtue.

5. Devotion to God

This is one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned yesterday during our bible study and cell meeting. After Ate Aileen had discussed the Four U’s in Doing the Campus Revolution task: 1. Utang Na Loob Kay Jesus Christ 2. Unahin Si Jesus Christ Sa Buhay Natin 3. Ugnayan Kay Jesus Christ and 4. Umani Tayo Para sa Panginoon, I learned that everyday should be devoted to spending time learning, wanting, needing and loving God more so we can share His greatness to others and eventually win souls so that they may also be saved.


Thank you  for your Words, today. Thank you for showing me how can I further increase my faith in You. And thank you for giving me more opportunities to fullfil my destiny- that is to be of your humble servant by serving Your people for your glory and honor. All these I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

“You are like salt for everyone on earth. But if salt no longer tastes like salt, how can it make food salty? All it is good for is to be thrown out and walked on.

You are like light for the whole world. A city built on top of a hill cannot be hidden, and no one would light a lamp and put it under a clay of pot. A lamp is placed on a lampstand, where it can give light to everyone in the house. Make your light shine, so that others will see the good that you do and will praise your Father in heaven.”- Matthew 5:13-16

June 18, 2011. This day was life changing! I attended the G12 Campus Revolution in Cuneta, Astrodome to witness a consolidation of different churches in the Philippines with one goal: to reach out to campus students, evangelise to them the good news and to make disciples out of them.

I have realised that the opportunity to attend actitivities like the G12 Campus Revolution is not just coincidence. I remember what Pastor B.O.M.B told us yesterday, “Dapat magkaroon tayo ng utang na loob sa Panginoon” (We should realise that we owe everything to God that’s why we should be thankful). To be chosen to serve Him is an honor. So I should not let this opportunity to pass. There were many souls in the field- campuses, offices, communities that are thirsty for the Word of the Lord, and it is really about time to harvest them for His Kingdom’s glory and honor. This year, our Church will focus on campuses because it truly believes that our future leaders are there, we change their values system, we move the world. Having the generation of leaders that are worshipping, loving and have great faith in God will make this nation great in the future!

Today’s Gospel teaches us that like salt, we must serve our life’s purpose- that is, to evangelise and disciple. And we should shine as lamp in a lampstand where everyone can see. As children of God, we must share the good news of salvation to other people as well, especially to our loved ones. So that we may fill heaven’s kingdom of great men and women that include us and the people we care about! =)


Lord, give me the courage and the wisdom so that I may live my life’s purpose for You. I know I am imperfect and nothing compared to You, but because You have chosen me, I do believe that I can do great things that will give honor to Your name. Guide me so that I may truly serve You. Let Your will be done always. I accept You as my Saviour, please choose also people around me- family, friends and loved ones, so that they may also be saved and rest in heaven for eternity. All these I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Today, May 16, 2011, six days before the public debate about Reproductive Health (RH) Bill will be set on national television. This controversial bill has divided the nation- those who were pro and anti have already presented their sides: Iglesia Ni Cristo has come out with its decision  in support of the RH  Bill. Government officials (e.g. Duterte), celebrities (e.g. Dingdong Dantes and Lea Salonga), academic professors (e.g. UP and Ateneo), ex- Cabinet members, and P-Noy, himself, was also in favour of the said bill. While the Catholic Church and other Christian sectors stood firm against it.

Upon reading blogs, news and other sources of information about RH bill, I have come out a position paper- to go against it. I have realised that this has many loopholes and lawmakers must be very careful in pursuing for its passage. That any supporter must also look the other side of the coin and think the many possibilities that will happen if this bill will become a law.

But before I make hasty generalisation about my arguments for ten reasons why this should be killed; let us first take a glimpse of the RH bill- its history and contents.

The bill entitled AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A COMPREHENSIVE POLICY ON RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD, REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, AND POPULATION AND DEVELOPMENT, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES is a consolidation bill of House Minority Leader Edcel Lagman, Iloilo Representative Janette Garin, Muntinlupa City Representative Rodolfo Biazon, Iloilo Representative Augusto Syjuco Jr., Akbayan Party list Representatives Arlene Bag-o and Walden Bello, and Gabriela Party list Representatives Luzviminda Ilagan and Emerenciana De Jesus.

And to read the full content of the law, please click here:

After reading and analysing every sections of this bill, then I come out with my personal stand about this issue. Below are my arguments:

 1.    It violates our Constitutional rights;

  1.1.  If we read Section 28 (e) of this bill, that says, “Any person who maliciously engages in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act” as included as a prohibited act, it shows clear violation of our FREEDOM OF SPEECH (Bill of Rights, Article III, Section 4 of 1987 Constitution). Isn’t harsh to have any one who will express objections to this bill be subjected to penalties? Silencing its critics is a violation of our Constitution. We are in a democratic country with already the existence of laws against libel and defamation, so why need for the provision of this kind of bill?

 1.2.  Section 21 that states below, forces employers to provide the reproductive health care services to their employees. This is again a violation of the Constitution since employers have not given any choice whether the distribution of these contraceptives may be against their conscience or religion.  

SEC. 21. Employers’ Responsibilities. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall ensure that employers respect the reproductive rights of workers. Consistent with the intent of Article 134 of the Labor Code, employers with more than 200 employees shall provide reproductive health services to ALL employees in their own respective health facilities. Those with less than 200 workers shall enter into partnerships with hospitals, health facilities, and/or health professionals in their areas for the delivery of reproductive health services.

Employers shall furnish in writing the following information to all employees and applicants:

(a) The medical and health benefits which workers are entitled to, including maternity and paternity leave benefits and the availability of family planning services;

(b) The reproductive health hazards associated with work, including hazards that may affect their reproductive functions especially pregnant women; and

(c) The availability of health facilities for workers.

Employers are obliged to monitor pregnant working employees among their workforce and ensure that they are provided paid half-day prenatal medical leaves for each month of the pregnancy period that the pregnant employee is employed in their company or organization. These paid pre-natal medical leaves shall be reimbursable from the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), as the case may be.

1.3.  Section 28 that states below, eliminates any choice for conscientious objectors and makes no room for their legitimate concerns. This means, doctors and health workers are forced to dispense contraceptives and other contraceptive devices and methods; if they refuse, they must refer another person who will dispense such things. If people will not cooperate as what is stated in the given provisions, they will be imprisoned for one to six months and will pay for a fine amounting to P10,000.00 to P50,000.00!

SEC. 28. Prohibited Acts. The following acts are prohibited:

(a) Any healthcare service provider, whether public or private, who shall:

(1) Knowingly withhold information or restrict the dissemination thereof, and/or intentionally provide incorrect information regarding programs and services on reproductive health, including the right to informed choice and access to a full range of legal, medically-safe and effective family planning methods;

(2) Refuse to perform legal and medically-safe reproductive health procedures on any person of legal age on the ground of lack of third party consent or authorization. In case of married persons, the mutual consent of the spouses shall be preferred. However in case of disagreement, the decision of the one undergoing the procedure shall prevail. In the case of abused minors where parents and/or other family members are the respondent, accused or convicted perpetrators as certified by the proper prosecutorial office or court, no prior parental consent shall be necessary; and

(3) Refuse to extend health care services and information on account of the person’s marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, personal circumstances, or nature of work; Provided, That, the conscientious objection of a healthcare service provider based on his/her ethical or religious beliefs shall be respected; however, the conscientious objector shall immediately refer the person seeking such care and services to another healthcare service provider within the same facility or one which is conveniently accessible who is willing to provide the requisite information and services; Provided, further, That the person is not in an emergency condition or serious case as defined in RA 8344 penalizing the refusal of hospitals and medical clinics to administer appropriate initial medical treatment and support in emergency and serious cases.

(b) Any public official who, personally or through a subordinate, prohibits or restricts the delivery of legal and medically-safe reproductive health care services, including family planning; or forces, coerces or induces any person to use such services.

(c) Any employer or his representative who shall require an employee or applicant, as a condition for employment or continued employment, to undergo sterilization or use or not use any family planning method; neither shall pregnancy be a ground for non-hiring or termination of employment.

(d) Any person who shall falsify a certificate of compliance as required in Section 15 of this Act; and

(e) Any person who maliciously engages in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act.

SEC. 29. Penalties. Any violation of this Act or commission of the foregoing prohibited acts shall be penalized by imprisonment ranging from one (1) month to six (6) months or a fine of Ten Thousand (P 10,000.00) to Fifty Thousand Pesos (P 50,000.00) or both such fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the competent court; Provided That, if the offender is a public official or employee, he or she shall suffer the accessory penalty of dismissal from the government service and forfeiture of retirement benefits. If the offender is a juridical person, the penalty shall be imposed upon the president or any responsible officer. An offender who is an alien shall, after service of sentence, be deported immediately without further proceedings by the Bureau of Immigration.

If the employer will not provide condoms to their employees because they politically (and religiously) believe that this act is a responsibility of the government; or the doctors and health providers themselves, will we punish them of imprisonment and fine? If so, both of the above sections are in clear violation of Article III, Section 18 (1) of our Constitution that says, “No person shall be detained solely by reason of his political beliefs and aspirations.”

1.4. The distribution of contraceptives violates Article II, Section 12 of the Constitution that says,

“Section 12. The State recognizes the sanctity of family life and shall protect and strengthen the family as a basic autonomous social institution. It shall equally protect the life of the mother and the life of the unborn from conception. The natural and primary right and duty of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character shall receive the support of the Government.”

Our fundamental law recognizes that human life must be protected from the moment of conception, therefore, contraceptives that causes early chemical abortion is clearly unconstitutional.

2.    The Law of Void for Vagueness Doctrine applies;

If we search for this doctrine, we will find that it is about a law principle that says a given statute is void and unenforceable if it is too vague for the average citizen to understand (e.g. cannot generally determine what are regulated, what conduct is prohibited, or what punishment may be imposed.)

Going back to the sections of this law particularly Section 20 that states below,

SEC. 20. Ideal Family Size. The State shall assist couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal family size. Attaining the ideal family size is neither mandatory nor compulsory. No punitive action shall be imposed on parents having more than two children.

It poses many questions that will linger on the minds of an average citizen making the bill, itself, vague. How will the State assist couples, parents and individuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthood for sustainable development?

There are many ambiguous terms present in this section like desired family size, responsible parenthood and sustainable development- these are all subjective terms. What if my desired family size is 12? Was it sustainable? Am I a responsible parent for having 12 children? And how did this bill come out with two children as an ideal family size? Why 2 not 1 or 3 or 4? What if the parents want more children?

And Section 21 that states below,

SEC. 21. Employers’ Responsibilities. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) shall ensure that employers respect the reproductive rights of workers. Consistent with the intent of Article 134 of the Labor Code, employers with more than 200 employees shall provide reproductive health services to all employees in their own respective health facilities. Those with less than 200 workers shall enter into partnerships with hospitals, health facilities, and/or health professionals in their areas for the delivery of reproductive health services.

Employers shall furnish in writing the following information to all employees and applicants:

(a) The medical and health benefits which workers are entitled to, including maternity and paternity leave benefits and the availability of family planning services;

(b) The reproductive health hazards associated with work, including hazards that may affect their reproductive functions especially pregnant women; and

(c) The availability of health facilities for workers.

Employers are obliged to monitor pregnant working employees among their workforce and ensure that they are provided paid half-day prenatal medical leaves for each month of the pregnancy period that the pregnant employee is employed in their company or organization. These paid pre-natal medical leaves shall be reimbursable from the Social Security System (SSS) or the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), as the case may be.

Section 21 obliges employers to provide for the medical and health benefits of the workers. What if the employer cannot provide for the expenses of the employees, will they be penalised? In this bill, yes, they will. How about the carinderia owners and other unorganised establishments? Yes, they will also. Because employers with less than 200 employees shall provide for the same health services to their workforce.

Application of the Doctrine: This doctrine protects the individuals’ right to due process and whenever violators were apprehended, they will not be punished because the law is vague in the first place. Hence, making it useless at all. Implementing RH Bill in the future will be a chaos. 

 3.  RH bill is amoral

There is a difference between the terms amoral and immoral. “Amoral” means the inability to know the difference between right and wrong while immoral goes against the tenets of the society. Below are some reasons why this is amoral.

 3.1. It makes the purpose of sex vague.

Why people have sex? Pleasure? Medium to express love? To make children? People have different opinions regarding this question. And I respect that. For me, RH bill is amoral because it makes people confuse which act is good or bad. I just remember my conversation with our janitor- Ka Oca during one of our lunch breaks. I asked him,

 “Sir, Oca. If I were to give you condom, will you use it?”

 Sir Oca’s answer was,

 “It depends. If I will have to make sex with other women, of course I will use condom. But if I have to make love with my wife, I will not.”

 I asked him again why he will not use it to his wife. And his answer was,

 “Because I am confident that my wife is clean.”

You see. My point is, giving out free condoms creates amorality. Because people learns to like what they think is good for them and to dislike what is they think bad for them. Is this the choice we want? How can we be free to do something that is wrong from the beginning?

I just do not understand it: people promotes condom so that they may not get STDs. But how come Sir Oca thought that he will be using condom to other women but not to his wife? Was using condom makes men 100% safe from STDs or women from getting pregnant? I think, this bill further promotes adultery, concubinage, dishonesty and disloyalty. By giving out condom, we are opening ideas for our men to use it- not to their wives but for other women.

And another point, I asked Sir Oca,

 “Aside from you are sure your wife is clean, why you would not use condom during your make love?”

 And his answer was simple.

 “Hassle. Condom is rubber. It lessens pleasure.”

You see. We are so altruistic about giving out free condoms. We are so concerned about over population. About people getting STDs. But, are we really sure if these condoms will be used every time they make sex? Because we are so generous, how many times will we provide our men these free condoms? Once a week? Twice a week? Three times a day?

I remember this joke during one of our class lectures.

Community organizers (CO) gave free condoms to this rural area. The organizers were so concern about deforestation and over population; because people were poor and have no other source of income ,they tend to cut trees just to sustain their living. So, to save the trees, flora and fauna of the place, they have given out free seminars about family planning.

After some time, COs got the result, their study showed that women were still getting pregnant! Worried and somehow frustrated, one of the COs asked one of the men:

“Did you not learn anything from us?”

The man said, “About what? About using condom? I thought this condom should be placed on my finger while having sex with my wife!”

You see. It’s just the same as in teaching sex education to our children especially during their crucial years of growing up. Instead of letting teachers discuss about the birds and the bees openly with their other classmates, why not parents do so? Isn’t children will learn better with 1:1 ratio than 1:50 (teacher:students)?

Also, RH bill promotes amorality because it confuses children from right and wrong. Are we going to teach them that it is OK to have sex but be sure to wear condom? If I will be a parent some day, of course, I will not allow my children to learn about sex at their very young age! Why grade 5? Why not high school?

Also, by doing so, it destroys the essence or purpose of sex. Before, I remember my mom told me that it is improper for men to touch any part of my body not until he becomes my husband. But now, we are going to teach them that these things are normal, proper and usual thing to do as long as we care or love the other person? Or just feel the want to do it just to satisfy one’s desire? Sigh.

3.2. It pushes reproductive health to become “right” but to whose rights’ expense? The big question here is- who is going to pay the price? We protect the rights of the poor but we are compromising the rights of the health and medical sectors as well as the employers.

I have few more questions:

Is it right to protect the rights of the poor?

But, is it right to increase our taxes so that we may provide these poor their reproductive health rights?

Is it right to compel our employers to pay for our FREE healthcare services?

But, is it also right to imprison them and fine them for not able to comply with the law because their fund is insufficient?

Is it right to protect women’s reproductive health rights by giving them more choices of family planning methods?

But, is it also right if most of the companies will hire fewer women in their industry because they cannot comply with the law?

 3.3. It confuses people whether contraceptives are abortifacients or not.  Whether using them prevents or encourages abortion. Whether these are medicines or causing diseases. In short, it confuses people whether the act of using contraceptives is right or wrong.

This time I am asking you a favor- to use the internet’s search engine and find yourself the effects of using contraceptives.

I have done my research and found out that others who are using IUDs have become prone to yeast infection, lost sex drive, experience lower back pain, had heavier menstrual flow, acne break out, migraine, cramps, depression, mood swings, etc.

The Church is against RH bill not ONLY because it is concerned in protecting women’s rights but also in preventing the future negative effects of these contraceptives on them if these were not strictly controlled and monitored. The Church believes that contraceptives may cause, inflict or encourage abortion. It is normal for them to react on this issue because it is their duty to check and balance or to weigh things on matters that will affect the lives of the people especially affecting their moral values. On my opinion, I am glad that the Church is challenging this bill, because through this we are able to see different sides of the story; and eventually, we will learn, improve and produce better laws in the future.

I would like to quote former Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz who warned about passing this Reproductive Health Bill into law. He said in an interview,

“What is the Church doing? The Church is trying to maintain the values system of the Filipino people. With the values system gone, look at what is happening to us? Let us be responsible and not to do shortcut because it does not bring good results.”

 4. It claims as a panacea to issues like over population and poverty. Well, in fact, it gives promises and false hopes. RH bill will not solve these problems. And over population is not the SOLE cause of poverty but only ONE of its FEW causes that needs to be addressed ALSO;

Who am I to say that this bill is not the panacea to over population and poverty? I am just an ordinary citizen of this country, without any legislative or executive power to implement what is best for my people. But I spare you few more minutes of your time to further read my arguments based on LOGIC, EXPERIENCE and WISDOM I acquired from reading, hearing people’s opinions and basically knowledge I learned from the university- including law school.

I do volunteer works and I am actively serving the urban poor communities (where I also belong) by giving my time for them. For the past few years of organising people, I learned that poverty has many causes : 1. Macroeconomic issues 2. Unemployment issues 3. Unchecked population growth 4. Problems in the agriculture and forestry sector 5. Governance concerns 6. Armed conflict and 7. Disability.

To further discuss these seven direct causes of poverty kindly read on:

4.1. Macroeconomic issues

I am not an economist but I have subject about this and I learned that economic growth is important in determining or alleviating poverty; that poverty decreases when the growth rate of average family income is higher than the inflation rate. Our economy has not been high enough because of some mismanagement and other external shocks we experience (like El Nino, frequent typhoon visits, lack of investor confidence, etc). Also, it is because we are faced with fiscal deficit, public sector debt, poor investment climate since the Asian financial crisis, and gradual loss of international competitiveness.

4.2. Unemployment issues

I talk with people who were farmers and laborers and for them who have children, they see labor as an important asset of the poor. Like my uncle, who works in the rice field, his children were his assistants in managing their source of income.

By experience and dealing with people from different walks of life, I learned that unemployment and underemployment determines poverty. For this country to alleviate poverty, jobs must be accessible! And must provide adequate income for every worker! We cannot say that people who have more children are poorer because for them, their children are the ones who will give them source of income. The question here should be: what kind of job we will be employed and how much we will earn?

A study conducted by ADB in the Philippines have shown that the basic problem of the poor is not so much lack of employment as the low incomes derived from employment. This has to do with both low wage rates and the phenomenon of underemployment (Source: Chapter 6: Causes of Poverty in thePhilippines, page 93).

4.3. Unchecked population growth  

You see, I recognise that population is also one of the causes of poverty. But I would like to quote ADB’s study about this issue:

“The population (of the Philippines) is projected to reach 111 million by 2015. Population growth in and of itself is NOT a PROBLEM  IF resources are available to COPE with the additional people requiring public services, employment, housing, and so on. But in a country where the budget is already stretched and where poverty is HIGH to BEGIN with, population growth BECOMES a MAJOR issue.” (Check this link:

4.4. Problems in the agriculture and forestry sector

We know that thePhilippinesis an agricultural sector but again the irony is: the farmers who produce our food were the poorest. In this country, the agriculture and forestry sector are overlooked. The promises of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and the land reform agendas that have been adopted by successive administrations, not much has been achieved. The land ownership was still concentrated on the hands of the few elites. There is rampant forest degradation, denudation and ecological imbalance. If the land that is the source of food and our resources are mismanaged, how do we expect this country to become rich?

4.5. Governance concerns

In 1986, we ousted a dictator because we want democracy- freedom to choose what is best for our people. Over the years, there are still senses of disappointments over our leaders in their ability to address the needs of the society especially the poor. Corruption increases poverty because of reduced economic growth; biased tax systems and the use of wealth by people with self interests that lobby government for policies that will encourage greater income and will acquire assets in favour of the rich and well connected. Also, our government has inability to collect sufficient revenues. And lastly, we have weak judiciary that contributes to the weaknesses and inefficiency of our State.

4.6. Armed conflict

We know that conflicts result to deaths, disablement and displacement. There is more likely greater loss of breadwinners; disruption of basic services; destruction of transport system and general collapse of the affected community. Conflict has negative impacts to all forms of capital- financial, social, natural and physical.Mindanaofor example faces major poverty challenge. Armed conflict causes poverty, and vice-versa, poverty also produces conflict.

4.7. Disability

Just like the causal relationship of conflict and poverty, disability and poverty is also bi-directional. Poverty causes disability and disability causes poverty (not all disability is caused by poverty but poor people are most likely to have poor health, poor living conditions, and dangerous working conditions.)

5. No one is restricting our choice for the use of modern natural and artificial methods of family planning. But with the passage of RH Bill, government will have the power to REGULATE the business, medical and education sectors;

If the government through the Philhealth will pay for the reproductive health services of the people especially the poor, and the employers will pay for their workers, then we are giving the government the right to regulate or to control the prices of the RH services.                                          

This bill if ever enacted will pose negative impacts in our individual rights and freedom because the government will have more power to regulate the business, medical and education sectors.

This proposal is worst than Martial Law where it seeks to penalise employers, doctors, health care providers, educators or teachers, government officials and even ordinary person who will fail to comply with the bill and will maliciously engage in disinformation about the intent or provisions of this Act.

6. It is a stupid way of spending tax payers’ money;

Our government will be compelled to levy additional taxes or borrow more money from foreign sources so that it may deliver its promises. It is a stupid way of spending our money to distribute something that we were not sure if these condoms and contraceptives will be used by the poor or the recipient community; or whether these free products will be truly delivered.

Our taxes can go extra miles- we cannot just waste it on something that is unimportant. Giving out condoms and contraceptives as many times I argue is not a solution to the problem of over population and poverty. Again, there are other causes that must take into consideration such as macroeconomic, unemployment, governance, conflict issues, etc.

7. It is prone to corruption;

I have little faith in the ability of our corrupt government officials to IMPLEMENT this bill. I remember Dr. Juan M. Pulhin, my professor from UPLB, during the discussion of poverty in our major class. He said that,

“It is so sad that in this country we have good laws but the problem lies in the implementation.”

I am so worried that despite the promises and claims of the RH Bill to curb national overpopulation, these government officials were incompetent and inefficient in implementing its rules and regulations. I believe that some corrupt officials cannot be trusted- that they will not really deliver the reproductive health services. Instead, they will enjoy huge amount of money for their own good; that the budget, which is allocated for the poor and women will be spent for their own pleasure.

The Department of Health has set aside four hundred million of pesos just to purchase these natural and artificial means of family planning including two million condoms to be distributed next year. Great sums of money, huh?!

There is lobby money behind this. Companies who will win as a bidder to provide for the condoms and contraceptives, without taking into consideration if recipients would eventually use these, will also hit a jackpot!

8. Through RH Bill, instead of teaching every Filipino family about “responsible parenthood”, we are teaching our people, especially the poor, to be dependent to the government (including business and health sectors) who will supply their condoms, contraceptives and other RH services;

What is responsible parenthood? I think, a separate article should be written to further discuss this. But as a gist and in relation to this bill, I believe that it will teach the other way around.

Instead of making couples as responsible in rearing their family, this bill will teach them, particularly the poor,  to be dependent to the government (including business and health sectors) in providing their RH services.

Responsible Parenthood should educate couples how to become prepared in facing challenges of being future parents NOT to spoon-feed them or provide FREE RH services in expense of the tax payers’ money. Poor parents to become responsible must have good jobs to start with- with decent income to sustain the needs of their family members NOT to provide them CONDOMS and CONTRACEPTIVES, which are temporary solutions to the over population problem.

9. The LAW must PROTECT the freedom and NOT REGULATE it; and

It is not the role of the government to redistribute wealth so to help the poor. Social justice can never be achieved if there are some people’s rights that are to be ignored and violated. Remember, the law must protect our freedom but not regulate it. In this case, the rights of the employers, educators, doctors and health workers will be compensated if it will be mandatory for them to provide free RH services and products to the poor. Again, if the carinderia owner cannot provide for the ligation of his employee because of insufficient fund, will he be penalised? If this bill is enacted, yes, he will be liable. If this is the case, this Act will violate the freedom of the employers since the government will regulate the reproductive health rights of the employees instead of protecting it ONLY.

10. RH Bill will cause much higher prices of commodities and health care products in the Philippines because businesses and hospitals will be compelled to offset the reproductive health care expenses that they are going to pay for their workers.

I am against RH bill because this will cause higher prices in the commodities and services by forcing the medical sector and all the employers to provide for free reproductive health care services, supplies and devices to all workers, more particularly women workers (See Section 17 of this bill). If the government will deliver free services to the poor, then to whom they will get the money from? it is from our taxes, of course.

We want to lessen population by giving free condoms and contraceptives (and other reproductive health services) to the poor but to the expense of increasing our taxes and having higher prices of commodities as a result? I think this bill is stupid.



Yes, we can help the poor all we want. But we cannot be charitable by getting money from other people through taxes and by having the business, health and education sectors under state control in the name of helping the marginalised sector of the society.

If the government is really sincere in helping curbing out poverty, it must work its ways on how to INCREASE THE AVERAGE FAMILY INCOME OF EVERY FILIPINOS, instead, and NOT in WASTING our TAXES to buy CONDOMS and CONTRACEPTIVES! Why the government can’t focus in PROVIDING JOBS for its PEOPLE? INCREASE INVESTORS’ TRUST? AND INCREASE ITS COMPETITIVENESS IN THE WORLD MARKET?

I am a licensed forester and I learned from my professors during my college years about their frustrations on how the government has overlooked the agriculture and forestry sectors in terms of curbing poverty in this country using our available rich and diverse resources.

UNLESS lawmakers will GUARANTEE NO CORRUPTION and it WILL ALLEVIATE POVERTY in a drastic way, will I believe that they were sincere in their intentions to help the poor. For now, forgive me, but I believe this bill is EVIL and STUPID.

I believe that there is a large amount of lobbying money behind this. That this will encourage immorality, abortion, corruption, will legalise stealing money from the tax payers and will violate our constitutional rights- the main reasons why this bill is EVIL!

It is STUPID because 1. It is just a waste of our money (to distribute condoms and contraceptives without assurance that recipients will use these) and 2. It makes us believe that by giving out these for free and also by teaching our Grade 5 students about sex education will solve our country’s problem of over population and poverty.

RH Bill is evil and stupid, the main reason why this should be killed! We have existing good laws that only proper implementation is needed. If we are really concerned about the welfare of the poor (and women), why we don’t provide them DECENT JOBS with GOOD SALARIES? Why not go after big fishes and collect their taxes so that we may have higher revenues? Why not protect our FORESTS (oceans, and others with ecological importance)? Why not manage our lands well, and distribute them properly (not only in the ownership of the few elites) so that we may increase our resources? Why not implement MORAL RECOVERY PROGRAM, instead?

Let us stop war in Mindanao! Let us provide the poor with greater access to basic services! Let us educate our people but not by teaching sex education to our young children!

The poor does not NEED RH BILL! We don’t need this to be well informed! We can maintain the status quo without this!

If RH Bill is killed, we will still have access to every promises lawmakers used in this bill to DECEIVE the people. What do I mean? We can still enjoy the freedom of choice we want: there will still be promotion and protection of gender equality; protection of the elements of the reproductive health care and ensure massive and sustained information drive on responsible parenthood.

How do I say this? Because, today, for example, are malls prevented to build breastfeeding areas in their establishments? If we want to buy condoms and pills over the counters, is there any one or any thing preventing us from doing this? If adolescents would want to know about safe sex, do they have access?

My point is: Without RH Bill, we still have the choice! But with the passage of this bill, it will REGULATE OUR FREEDOM (far from protecting it!) The law will force every employer including doctors and health workers to give condoms and contraceptives!  The law will penalise those who will not comply! They will punish every individual who will engage in disinformation about this bill! Sex education will be included in the academic curriculum of our students at very young age! Our taxes and prices of commodities will increase because they will give free condoms and contraceptives to people without consideration if recipients will use these! RH Bill violates our FREEDOM OF SPEECH and RELIGION. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! All of these are reasons why this bill is stupid and evil.

And one more thing, I believe RH Bill is evil because it attacks the weaknesses of the Church instead of focusing in giving answers to the questions that will encourage improvements in our future laws. Satan enjoys seeing his opponent being dragged down; he is like a roaring lion that prowls around looking for someone to chew up and swallow. Satan uses encouraging words but deep down is a hidden intention- evil intention.


Last night, I am discussing this RH bill with my cousin and my boyfriend. But before I go to sleep, I really was alarmed how people were deceived by its promises. I never felt so compelled about writing something such as this article. I felt that there is this need to oppose the bill- in my own way (which is writing). So, I prayed that God may give me the wisdom and the courage to write about  this issue.

Every time I am confused, depressed, and enthusiastic about something or before I make any important decisions in my life, I do pray and ask for His message. I believe that His message was written in the Bible- that any answer to my prayer is found in its pages.

After I prayed, I flipped over the pages of the Bible and this particular verse in John struck me:

“But you are exactly what your father does.”

“Don’t accuse us of having someone else as our father!” they said. “We just have one father, and he is God.”

“Jesus answered: If God were your Father, you would love me, because I came from God and only from him. He sent me. I did not come on my own. Why can’t you understand what I am talking about? Can’t you stand to hear what I am saying? Your father is the devil, and you do exactly what he wants. He has always been a murderer and a liar. There is nothing truthful about him. He speaks on his own, and everything he says is a lie. Not only is he a liar himself, but he is also the father of all lies. Every thing I have told you is true, and you still refuse to have faith in me. Can any of you accuse me of sin? If you cannot, why won’t you have faith in me? After all, I am telling you the truth. Anyone who belongs to God will listen to his message. But you refuse to listen, because you don’t belong to God.”- John 8: 41-47

I would like to quote one of the intelligent bloggers (aka jlocute) I read online. This is in relation to the topic that Satan is a great deceiver and many have led astray because of his use of deceiving and encouraging words.

“We are really at the end of time era. These are all Satan’s works. We should be aware how he works. As he said, ‘I pretend to love men in order to destroy them; serve them in order to ruin them; deceive them and help them in order to pervert them and draw them into these my hellish regions.’”

To continue, jlocute emphasized that,

“People have been persuaded by the devil that they are entitled to have sex when they choose, rejecting any unwanted life that may result. The enemy may tell (us): ‘that God is too demanding and unreasonable. If we distributed more condoms, we would not have disease or the need to abort babies. And that it is God’s fault (if our population booms or poverty prevails) because God’s Church is against the use of condoms’.”

For jlocute,

“Sexual intercourse, by its nature and intent is potentially (a) life giving act. This is God’s version. (But) the enemy’s version is that sex can be closed to give life and used for physical pleasure only. Enemy’s version of sex is selfish, emotionally dangerous and bad for humanity. The enemy offers an answer to this too, and led souls to avoid consequences by offering widespread contraception and abortion. Both men and women are now told that sinful sexual behaviours are allowable and acceptable. God intends that a man and woman enter a blessed union (through marriage) and then share their sexuality with one another. (Using this bill) the devil is mocking God because he depicts God’s purpose. He is laughing because many led astray on this sin.”

Last night I also prayed that He may give me enough time so that I may write article opposing RH Bill just like this; and just this morning, my immediate boss sent me a message that he will be on leave today. God has answered my prayer. He has not just given me few hours to write about this article; He gave me whole day of business work to finish this! Is any one can explain to me how the bible verse and time to write this article incidence were so appropriate? I believe there is really a reason why these coincidences happened.

I have read and heard about the arguments of the Pro RH Bill. Again, forgive me, because I already had decided- I am against it because I believe this violates the law of men and is against the will of God. So to speak.


 Most of my arguments came from this site. So, please consider visiting this link: The author has very good insights.

I suggest you also check my references below. Thank you so much for taking time reading this article.

“But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”
2 Corinthians 11:14 (NLT)

“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.”
– Naguib Mahfouz

 “We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”
Mother Teresa

“The biggest obstacle was mixing abortion with overpopulation. These are two things that have nothing to do with each other. ”
Jacques Yves Cousteau


Youth Bible. Global Edition. Holy Bible Contemporary English Version. United Bible Societies. 2004.

Technology-driven communication facilities demand the observance of proper etiquette in much the same way as face-to-face conversation for one to be effective in building relationship and creating business opportunities particularly through online communication such as emails. This is appropriately called Netiquette.

Here are some useful tips on how to handle emails properly.

1. Check your e-mail policy.

Company policies usually include do’s and don’ts in communicating through email. Professionalism is best manifested in the consistent observance of simple day-to-day email communication rules.

2. Maintain brevity and keep your message to the point.

Some spend too much of their time composing and polishing their lengthy emails. Long messages should be avoided. Be brief and readable by deleting words that add nothing to your message.

3. Observe high business correspondence standards.

Always be careful with the following: grammar spelling, punctuation, proper jargon and abbreviation. Use text font that is easy to read and looks professional. Never use all uppercase and all lowercase. Do not use fancy fonts (or emoticons) that will turn away your readers from your message (e.g. using red fonts, colored background, smileys). Make sure you use plain descriptive words in indicating your subject.

4. Show courtesy at all times.

Always end your emails with “Thank you”, or any courteous closing remarks. Be careful in choosing your language all the time. Avoid using offensive comments, untruthful statements that would provoke online fights. Never be rude. Do not write anything that you might regret later on.

5. Use the courtesy and blind copies (cc and bcc) sparingly.

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Use the reply-to-all button sparingly. Think twice who should be your recipients. Before you CC anyone, rethink if they should be included in the mailing list. Some people gets annoyed when they receive a message containing “Me, too!” So, the next time you push the send button, be very careful. 

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7. Use greetings appropriate to the level of your addressee.

Your relationship with the e-mail recipient will determine the greetings or language appropriate to your addressee. Communicate as if your email will reflect your business image.

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Responding quickly is the most courteous thing you can do. Never let recipients wonder if you have ever received their emails. By not responding promptly, you will gain impression that you do not care about their inquiry or concern. Do not allow to be outperformed by your competitors especially if the emails come from clients. Often, your quick response in answering emails reflects the quality of service you provide.

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