5 Simple Tips on How to Maintain Integrity in the Business World

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Business-related

Without integrity in the business world, one will end up unsuccessful. So, it is necessary that aside from the competencies one possesses, integrity must be maintained.  

 Below are tips on how to strengthen this character and achieve the results you want for your career.

 1. Be honest

One will never gain integrity if he is dishonest. This is the basic qualification to earn respect and trust from other people. To be honest is to take courage to speak the truth and do what is right. In case there is a scenario when you have to tell people what they do not want to hear but is necessary for you to tell or take action, earning the overwhelming respect and admiration from others is definitely a sure thing. We need not to please everybody but doing always what is right will gratify some people and astonish the rest (Mark Twain).

2. Be consistent

Make sure that people can rely on you. When you favor for something and said no for another, be consistent. Don’t make or change your decisions abruptly. People want to feel secure that you have come up to a decision you think over many times.

3. Be fair

Never discriminate. Do not judge people by your first impression. Treat everyone as you want them to treat you. Remember, all men and women are created equal.

4. Be accountable

Since no one is perfect, admitting that you have made unintentional errors reflects maturity. Taking action and dealing on how to fix the slip ups without putting the blame to others is a mirror of a responsible person with integrity.

5. Be kind

Always show compassion to other people. Remember, people do not care about what you know unless they know that you care for them.


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