10 Reasons Why I Love Facebook (and ONLY reason why I want it to UNFRIEND coal)

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Activism
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1. It bridges gaps and keeps me connected with my friends and loved ones;

2. It keeps me posted with the activities of the organizations I am involved with;

3. It serves as a medium where I can express my thoughts and feelings for the day;

4. It entertains and makes me relax when I am pissed off, stressed and tired;

5. Its applications like Quote for A Day and God Wants You to Know, among others, inspire and provide source of wisdom;

6. It delivers fresh, hot news and information in a creative way using new media;

7. It enhances my love for photography and video editing where I can share to the world easily my finished projects;

8. It reaches widest audience from diverse walks of life where everyone has the freedom of expression-different school of thoughts, views and opinions are presented and respected;

9. It creates social networks and strengthens relationships where distance and time are no longer issues to hinder connectivity; and

10. It serves as a venue for everyone to be catalysts of change. People by being informed and equipped with powerful communication skills and tools can make decisions that will have impact to future generation.


Because I recognise its power to turn the tide. Unfriending coal and shifting to use of renewable energy, instead, will send message to its members that global warming is an urgent issue; to be truly FRIENDS with everyone is to care for their great future in commune with the earth.


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