Tips on How to Work with Integrity

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Life in general

Nowadays, every nation is experiencing controversy of political integrity among leaders, so the question is, Can integrity-at-work be possible, today?

The answer is yes, we still can work with integrity in our chosen careers. In fact, we have provided some tips on how to maintain this trait despite challenges we encounter everyday.


I remember our former Human Resources Head during his New Hires’ Orientation speech about Bank’s Core Values particularly integrity, he said, “Integrity is walking the talk when it comes to living one’s true values. Consistency is the key word.”

He was correct- because consistency is the basis for trust, everyone therefore should be aware of what he says and does; a promise he has made is a promise kept; and he is vigilant in watching out for keeping his reputation intact.


So, you were hired as administrative assistant by the company’s CEO. Being trusted that you will be able to perform your job very well, in return you must exert all your efforts to be as reliable and committed as possible. Your boss cannot entrust all the confidential information and other types of logistics to just anyone, so do your best to show your boss that you are the best person in the position.


Choosing integrity is uneasy especially during our dire needs when temptation is around us and people who are supposed to lift our spirits seem to influence us in a negative way. But remember, having integrity as a trait is an honour that no one can steal from us. My father once told me that I must protect my name- I should not lie, cheat or steal- the consequences I may not get sooner but the pay back is guaranteed some other time. The concept of protecting one’s name is the same as protecting one’s integrity. Great men and women have great responsibilities but despite it they maintain high moral character. People with integrity serve as a role model to others.


And lastly, be responsible. This means simply being professional and committed in managing expectations of people around you. Those who have integrity are open for growth; they improve continually and find means to perform better and excel in everything they do. Responsible people have stronger sense of self-respect and they know the boundaries between right and wrong. Integrity-driven people observe ethics and are responsible in every result of their actions.


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