The One to Fear

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Daily Devotion
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“Don’t be afraid of anyone! Everything that is hidden will be found out, and every secret will be known. Whatever I say to you in the dark, you must tell in the light. And you must announce from the housetops whatever I have whispered to you. Don’t be afraid of people. They can kill you, but they cannot harm your soul. Instead, you should fear God who can destroy your body and your soul in hell.”- Matthew 10: 26-28

I admire people who courageously declare to others about their faith in Jesus Christ because they do not care what other people think or say or do against them, instead, they continue on serving and believing on Your holiness. The task to deliver Your message was really a tough one and to obey You was a great responsibility.

Others hate believers because they were religious- people sometimes do not associate themselves to “law abiders” since they were “sinners”. Some say that believers of Christ were fools since for them Jesus was human and not God. Others do not find bible as source of message from the Creator, they view it as one of the literary books written by different authors who claimed as prophets. In other countries, Christians were being prosecuted- those who fight for their beliefs were killed.


Today, You have taught us that we should not fear people who do us harm because of our faith in You. Indeed, they may harm our bodies but not our soul. We thank You, God for choosing us to live in this country where teaching Your message was not a taboo. Many Filipinos believe in Your greatness but still we want You to use us as an instrument in reaching out more people to accept and honor You. All these I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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