50 Simple Acts A Guy Does That I Admire

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Life in general
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1. When he prays.

2. When he declares his faith without ifs and doubts.

3. When he says thank you, sorry, and I love you on separate occasion.

4. When he cries every time it really hurts.

5. When he admits he can’t solve a problem and seek help from others including me.

6. When he’ll choose to kiss me on my forehead each time I ask him to kiss me on public.

7. When he cooks really good food.

8. When he sends his mom presents (like a card, a flower or some chocolate) on her birthday (including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas).

9. When he refuses his friends’ invitation for a guys’ hang out just to fetch his girlfriend (or wife) after school or office.

10. When he calls his girlfriend (or wife) at around 12 AM just to kiss her good night and says I love you at the same time.

11. When he treats street children for a meal and he cares for the abandoned elderly.

12. When he wakes up early to prepare breakfast for others.

13. When he does household choirs with dignity (without feeling “under de saya” to this effect haha).

14. When he saves money to invest for something (he needs or sometimes really likes).

15. When he declares to the world that he really loves one girl and be faithful.

16. When he remembers my birthday (and greets me on Christmas and New Year’s Eve!)

17. When he laughs often, cracks a really good joke and is slow to anger.

18. When he stays calm although deep inside he has pressures to handle.

19. When he manages his anger with finesse.

20. When he serves as a good leader to his team mates NOT a boss to his subordinates.

21. When he enjoys his sports or his business.

22. When he displays patience over things he cannot control.

23. When he sings a song or plays an instrument (it does not matter if he is out of tune, the effort is enough).

24. When in front of audience he dances and enjoys it despite knowing he is both left-footed.

25. When he acknowledges that he’s been wrong, repents and learns from his mistakes afterwards.

26. When he says “NO” with great dignity.

27. When he says “YES” and means it.

28. When he remains silent if in doubt.

29. When he respects the opinion of others.

30. When he plays with children.

31. When he says “please” every time he seeks favour.

32. When he hates nuclear power, GMOs, whaling, and deforestation. In short, he cares for the environment.

33. When he organizes events like fun-run-for-a-cause, outreach program during Christmas and planting trees during Arbor Day.

34. When he cares for the poor, oppressed and the powerless.

35. When he tells me in a nice way that he hates me and wants to make up with me after the fight.

36. When he tells me that he needs me and I never let him go.

37. When he shares with me his stories without any fear that I will judge him for who he really is.

38. When he massages my back and soothes my aching muscles when I am really tired (without any malice).

39. When he accepts his defeat but learns and improves at the end.

40. When he confides that he likes me without expecting anything in return.

41. When he shows me his weaknesses and allows me to serve as his source of strength.

42. When he worries a little and trusts that everything will be just fine in His own time.

43. When he fixes little problems before these becomes unmanageable.

44. When he loves his mom and sisters (for sure he’ll be a good husband, too!)

45. When he takes his own stand to specific issues.

46. When he wakes up in the morning thanking God that he is alive to serve Him and His people.

47. When imperfection sometimes is not a big deal.

48. When he believes in this motto: “Never Say Never”.

49. When he appreciates every little things that others do for him.

50. When he accepts Jesus as his Saviour and works his ways to be truly saved.

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