For 2011, just like the previous years, we also would love to excel in our chosen career as well as life in general.

To give you some tips on how to achieve our goals this year, kindly read on.

1. Create good habits

People say, make our habits and then our habits make us.

Many self-help books advice people to create good habits in order to be successful in life; Aristotle also taught his students that excellence is not an act but a habit- people excel because they repeatedly do acts rightly.

This year, let us create not just habits but make sure they are good ones.

2. Never Say Never

The difference between winners and losers is that winners never quit. They believe that falling down does not make a failure but staying down does. Losers live in the past while winners learn from the experience and use these failures on their advantage to improve at the present and excel in the future.

3. Take one SMART goal at a time

In our college years, we learned about the importance of setting our SMART (simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and within time-bound) goals. This time, in order to excel in achieving them, we must set them one at a time since overwhelming our brain with so many tasks to perform makes it exhausted thus, creating higher risk of failing them.

We understand that having goals allow us to control the direction of change in our favour. So, it’s OK that for this year, you only have one New Year’s Resolution- to quit smoking, for example. Focus on it for the whole year until you succeed. Then the next time around, try to lose some great pounds, or whatever you think will be best for you. The most important is to achieve your goals at the pace you enjoy.

4. Use the power of positive thinking

For other people, this advice seems a cliché but I still see this very effective.

In an article, Top Ten Distinctions between a Winner and a Whiner, Keith Cameron Smith identified winners as possessing positive attitude at all times while whiners create negative meanings. Our brain produces energy which pushes us to perform important tasks if we only use it well on our (and others, too) advantage.

5. Keep learning

Sun Tzu wrote a book entitled The Art of War, one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy; for the past two thousand years, this has been used and continuously been using by successful people in creating military and business tactics in different parts of the world.

The point is, winners in their chosen field, just like Sun Tzu, make strategies, create plans and learn from their experience. Following the right strategy and taking the right action lead people to achieving their goals sooner.

Also, winners learn that failures are feedbacks that teach them to improve on areas of their weaknesses.

6. Develop good risk management and weakness management skills

In most companies, they assign specific department that handle risk management skill because they recognise that these weaknesses can be turned to opportunities.

Janet Rand in her poem, Risk, teaches us that people who only take the risk are happy and free. So, to become winners in life, let us not fear our weaknesses or fear taking risks. After all, these are simply part of the world we live in. Without these, we will never learn and we will have no chance for improvement.

7. Attitude matters

A study by Harvard University found that when a person gets a job, 85% of the time it is because of their attitude, and only 15% of the time because of how smart they are and how many facts and figures they know.

Who would like to work with people who gossip a lot? How about to deal with co- workers who stab you at the back and make stories that drag you down? Nobody does.

Remember that attitude is beyond skill or knowledge. In 2011, let us strive to become people who are competent yet possesses the right kind of attitude others would like to work or live with.

8. Be passionate and energetic

Yes, we need to be passionate to excel in life!

Try to talk with people who were successful in their career, love and life, in general. You will not be surprised that these people have one thing in common- they love what they are doing!

As a wife, she enjoys cooking for her family and serving them everyday; as HR Head, he loves dealing with his staff’s concerns; and as a volunteer, she cares enough for the less fortunate.

Now we understand that there is wisdom in this saying: follow your passion, and success will follow you.

9. Never procrastinate

Winners are pro-active; they never allow opportunities to miss; in short, they are go-getter. To get what we want in life, we must not wait for it to happen but instead, make things happen for us. Pro-active people never make excuses, they make a way.

10. Ask His guidance for your purpose

People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.

 Spiritual Adviser Rick Warren in his book, the Purpose Driven Life, teaches readers to search God’s five purposes for human life on earth. These five purposes were: (1) to worship (2) to create fellowship and (3) discipleship (4) to serve and (5) to accomplish our mission.

 In order to know our purpose, let us seek Him.


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